Edtech Learning Log

learninglogThis is my collections of assignments, projects and papers I complete for the Masters of Educational Technology program through Boise State University. I decided to get my certificate in School Tech Coordination because I want to become involved in the planning of technology resources and assessment of technology tools currently used in schools as well as in the business workplace.

The skills and theories that I’ve learned, I have been able to use in the classrooms that I’ve taught in, as well as I’ve been able to utilize in my current position as an Agency Support Associate at Hanover Insurance, primarily in the agency training department.

At the completion of my program, I will be searching for a position that allows me to fully utilize the knowledge that I have gained.


About rosealyssa

I am a 2008 graduate from the University of Michigan, where I majored in Secondary Education with an emphasis on English and Biology. I am currently living in Spring Hill, Tennessee with my husband Billy, and working as a 9th Grade English teacher at Spring Hill High School. I enjoy writing, reading, traveling, watching movies, playing sports and just being around my family. I am currently enrolled in Boise State's Masters of Educational Technology Program, which I hope will help me to be a more effective teacher as well as possibly open up more career opportunities in the future.
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