Edtech 501: Introduction to Educational Technology

Fall 2011

This is my first course in the Masters of Educational Technology Program through Boise State University. It provides an overview of Educational Technology as well as focusing on current issues, technology use planning and evaluation and synthesis of research.

The Learning Objectives are:

  1. Design an EDTECH Learning Log to present and organize reflections, artifacts, and other content created for EDTECH courses
  2. Analyze an element from the current definition of Educational Technology
  3. Identify a current trend in Educational Technology applicable to your own classroom
  4. Compare issues of Digital Divide and Digital Inequality
  5. Identify and prioritize solutions for Digital Inequalities
  6. Apply RSS Technologies
  7. Identify issues of plagiarism in a digital world
  8. Apply correct APA style to article reference list
  9. Analyze and synthesize research in Educational Technology
  10. Evaluate your school’s current technology environment
  11. Identify and summarize elements of a technology use plan
  12. Outline a plan for your own Professional Learning Network (PLN) to assume a leadership role in the field of Educational Technology

I am truly excited for the journey I am about to travel!


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