Edtech 501: Final Thoughts on Technology Use Planning and Evaluation

Some say that “ignorance is bliss”. Sometimes I think that that statement is entirely true. Take, my summary for instance, analyzing the information from the evaluation to find out that in fact, we have a long way to go as far as technology is concerned as Hogwarts High School. I have the sneaking suspicion that my conscience will not let me forget about this information and I, like the squeaky wheel, will begin to make noise until someone “oils me”. I think the most alarming thing is that everyone seems to be content here with amount of technology in place and the amount being used.
No one seems to know what we’re missing out on. That’s the real answer I think. If someone could come in and show the faculty, staff and board members what this school is capable of given a few changes here and there, I think people would get on board and want to create a Technology Use Plan. It is extremely frustrating as I look at my ceiling projector that has been sitting by my desk, untouched and unassembled for two months now. I am supposedly getting it installed this week. “The problem with life is that some people do not hold the same priorities as dearly as we do,” my principal told me last week when I conferenced with him. How true it is. I know this appears to be a very negative reflection and perhaps it is a vent that has been coming on for a long time. Ignorance is not bliss in my case, but a reminder of how far we have yet to go at Hogwarts High School.
4.1 Project Management: This assignment applies to this standard because during the assignment we had to plan and monitor the technology use that was happening in our schools. Through this process we are learning how we can influence and guide the management and undertaking of such extensive projects like Technology Use Reports.
5.1 Problem Analysis: This assignment allows us to analyze the problems that our schools face when dealing with Technology Integration. It is imperative that as technology professionals, we seek out the solutions to these in-depth problems in a variety of ways that will ultimately benefit our schools in the biggest way possible.
5.3 Formative and Summative Evaluation: This assignment applies to this standard because when we analyze the technology use in the schools, it is important to note how the technology is and can be used for assessment purposes. Students need to be able to self-reflect, as well as having summative evaluations. However, I do believe that the evaluations need to also be happening with the teachers and faculty that are accessing and using the technology to teach as well. How can faculty be allowed to assess students if they are not using the programs and technology to their full potential? And in that way, assessment needs to put in place for the educators as well as the students.
5.4 Long-Range Planning: This assignment reflects long-range planning in every way. It is essential that technology use be put into place immediately but only if there are some long-term goals and continuous training and assessment in place for the educators and faculty using the technology to instruct. There needs to be reasonable expectations and also accountability when it comes to implementation.

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