Edtech 501: First Memory

This week we were asked to reflect back upon our first memory with technology. It was interesting to see everyone’s responses from this week and to see how far we’ve come just in the past 20 years.










My first memory of technology use was on a computer like this, a Macintosh with two slots for floppy disks in the front. The only difference was that mine didn’t have a mouse. We had about 15 of these computers in a small computer lab at West Shore Elementary School in Fenton, Michigan. When we first began using the computers, it was for keyboarding skills only. As time progressed, we began using the computers to play games like “The Oregon Trail” and “Wheel of Fortune”.

I remember that it took a long time for the computers to load up and I remember dreading the computer lab due to the repetitive nature of our keyboarding drills. To this day, I refuse to use the “home keys” because I remember being counted down for not typing fast enough. It’s funny to me now that our teachers were putting such a high emphasis on being a fast typer. In fact, the first school I ever taught in, had a keyboarding class and I remember thinking “Why in the world would we still be spending a whole hour every day on this?”.

As we began using the computers for more interactive activities, I remember enjoying the computer lab and feeling more comfortable with them. Right around the time I went into middle school, we purchased our first family computer at home. It was similar to this model with a mouse and I remember only using it to play games. By the end of 7th grade, I began using it to type my research papers and assignments for school. It had become a integral piece of my day to day activities. Around 1997 we had dial-up Internet at home and I began using Instant Messenger. I remember thinking that it was the best invention ever and used it everyday after school instead of using the telephone.

Looking back, I have realized that the earliest memories I have include technology. It has played an important role in my life, opening up new possibilities and allowing me to create new experiences I never thought possible. It all started from a small Macintosh II that took 5 minutes to start up and only contained word processing. Now, we have the world in a click of a button. I can’t wait to see how technology will evolve next.


Media from: http://www.macworld.com/article/1167123/the_macintosh_ii_celebrates_its_25th_anniversary.html


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