Edtech 501: Plagiarism Video

Plagiarism Video

While making the plagiarism video, I learned about three different kinds of plagiarism: Cheating, Non-Attributions and Patchwriting.  I also learned about self-plagiarism. I was aware of the previous three, but not about self-plagiarism. Self-plagiarism refers to a situation when a student reuses some of their previous academic work in a new piece of work and not citing it from their last paper.

Plagiarism has always been an issue in academia. Students must be aware of all the various types of plagiarism. They also need to know how to avoid it. The best way I have found to do this, is to give students ample practice, but now, along with XtraNormal, I have an opening video into the discussion.


This assignment aligns with 3.1 Media Utilization, 3.3 Implementation and Institutionalization, 3.2 Diffusion of Innovations and 4.3 Delivery System Management. The assignment allows us to use XtraNormal for learning purposes, in which students are able to learn about plagiarism in a fresh and new way. The assignment also allows us to use the topic of plagiarism in a real-life setting. By using celebrities in a talk-show, students will be able to understand the material by relating it to a real-life situation. The method of introducing the material allows control for the educator as well as a creative way to present educational material to the learners.


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