Edtech 501: Tech Trends

            When asked to use the Horizon Report to come up with a lesson using an up and coming technology, I knew right away that I wanted the lesson to cover a topic that could be navigated using an iPad or a Smart Phone. I created my lesson plan with the idea that students could access the information from anywhere.

          One of the most intriguing pieces of technology for me, was Edmodo. It is essentially a social networking site for education. Students can blog, post comments, share links, discuss and submit work to me via the Internet. The network is also private, so that the only members invited to join are, in fact, my students. Students can create groups for book groups, research projects and more.

          I think that this tool would be very effective to use in my classroom because it would cut down on the amount of paper that my students use. They could do their daily journals online and submit them to me. They can utilize the information on the web to inform and navigate their research topics in a group forum discussion. They can also receive extra help outside of the class if needed by asking a question on the discussion board. If the teacher is unable to help, then another student may in fact know the answer and post it.

        There are many concerns that would be associated with this sort of an undertaking, but I believe that most of the issues educators would have could be maintained and managed at the beginning of the term so that the rest of the class runs smoothly. Having students undergo “Netiquette Training”, so that they are confidant and ready to communicate in an online class setting. Since it is a private group and no information will be shared with third parties, I don’t see parents having many concerns. Considering that many college students are opting to take Online Classes or Mixed Mode Classes, I think that many parents would enjoy High School Classes that incorporate this into their weekly work, in order to better prepare their child for the years ahead. 


Johnson, L., Smith, R., Willis, H., Levine, A., and Haywood, K., (2011). The 2011 Horizon Report. Austin, Texas: The New Media Consortium.


3.1 Media Utilization: In this project I had to identify a piece of technology that I could incorporate into my classroom that could effectively promote learning. I think that with Edmoto, it will motivate and encourage technology use as well as enhance the learning of all students through peer and group communications.

3.2 Diffusion of Innovations: In this project, planned strategies are communicated to students through a Web based discovery lesson that allows students to actively participate and learn how to use the Edmodo site. Through continued access to the site, parents and students will learn about the necessity of online components in education.


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