Edtech 501: Technology Use Plan Presentation

Through the process of this presentation, I have learned a lot about Technology Use Plans. I understand the procedures for identifying need and learning how to take that need and turn it into a substantial plan for growth. The plans help schools to become productive in their technology use and also realistic and optimistic for the future. It is a roadmap that every school should have and use in order to be successful. Hogwarts High School would greatly benefit from a Tech Use Plan and given the potential that it possesses to move out of the Emergent Phase,  I will make a recommendation to our Technology Specialist in order to begin the process.

It is vital that our school make full use of its resources in order to benefit the students and faculty and create the technological environment that I have always dreamed of working in. Below is my Technology Use Presentation.


3.1 Media Utilization: This project allowed us to use Media Utilization through SlideShare, Quicktime and Google Docs. We used Google Docs in order to create a Powerpoint Presentation. Then using SlideShare, we uploaded the presentation in order to view online and add audio. I then recorded the audio commentary using Quicktime and then uploaded the mp3 to SlideShare. I used the edit tool to cut the audio into sections that fit onto each slide. The end result is a presentation that includes audio commentary.

5.4 Long Range Planning: This project took Long Range Planning into consideration. Although the time frame for this particular Tech Use Plan was only set in place for a year, there was a lot of forethought that went into creating deadlines for every step of the process.


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