Edtech 501- Zotero Library Assignment

This week we were asked to use Zotero to collect, cite, organize and then share our research on Educational Technology. At first, I wasn’t 100% sure of how it would affect my research, but after having used it, I know that I will never look at research in the same way. This tool allows you to bookmark and also cite your source using any style needed. For my purposes, it cited APA, and then would even alphabetize my list of resources. Once the tool is downloaded, it is available to use whenever you are doing research on any webpage.

Zotero not only allows you to organize your research material, but it also allows you to share your libraries of research with others. You can create a group, where others can view and help analyze the research you have come across. There are also a plethora of different options for the types of research that you organize and collect. You can collect video files, images, PDFs, audio, etc.

Here is an example of the articles that I found and shared with the class. Zotero not only helped me to collect and organize them, but it also put them in APA format for me. Again, can not say enough what a valuable tool this is for research!


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