Edtech 503: Instructional Design

Edtech 503 is a course that explores the profession of instructional design and the principles that guide it. It looks at the relationship between the instructional designer and the educator and explains how an instructional designer uses assessment of a classroom and course to develop a plan for the course as a whole.

The Course Objectives are:

  1. Discuss the historical development of the practice of instructional design with regard to factors that led to its development and the rationale for its use
  2. Describe as least two reasons why instructional design models are useful
  3. Identify at least six instructional design models and classify them according to their use
  4. Compare and contrast the major elements of three theories of learning as they relate to instructional design
  5. Define the word “systematic” as it relates to instructional design
  6. Relate the design of instruction to the term “educational technology”
  7. Describe the major components of the instructional design process and the functions of models in the design process
  8. Provide a succinct summary of various learning contexts (declarative knowledge, conceptual, declarative, principle, problem-solving, cognitive, altitudinal and psychomotor
  9. Build an instructional design product that integrates major aspects of the systematic process and make it available on the web
  10. Identify and use technology resources to enable and empower learners with diverse backgrounds, characteristics, and abilities
  11. Apply state and national content standards to the development of instructional products
  12. Meet selected professional standards developed by the Association for Educational Communications and Technology
  13. Use various technological tools for instructional and professional communication

I am really excited about this course as I feel like this will greatly improve the way that I approach lesson planning in my classroom.


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