Edtech 503: Differences between Instructional Designer and Teacher

This week we were asked to examine the differences between a teacher and an Instructional Designer. I did struggle with this assignment at first, but after reading through the first couple of chapters in the Smith and Raglan text again, things began to get a little clearer. Here is the list I generated:

Instructional Designer                                    Teacher

*Creates/chooses materials                    *Presents materials                                                                *Sees the “big picture” or                        *Focus is on each                                                                                       the finished product                                   student                                                                     *Generates massive amounts                  *Observes small                                                                            of research on how people                         numbers of                                                                        learn best                                                      students                                                                                   *Not in classroom                                     *In classroom

After we figured out the differences, we were asked to think of another relationship that has similar features to the relationship between the teacher and the Instructional Designer. Even though they are different roles, they are connected to each other and are very much reliant on the other. This the relationship that I thought best fit:

SCRIPT WRITER                                          DIRECTOR

*Writes the script and                    *Adapt the script to fit                                                            gives plan to director.                       the vision for the production and actors.

Then, we were asked to answer some additional questions to show what we’d learned:

What are teachers expected to do that instructional designers are not?

Take classroom management into account when following lessons.

Gauge student progress day to day and make daily changes in plans.

Adapt instructional design to meet each student’s needs.

What are instructional designers expected to do that teachers are not?

Conduct research and synthesize information from a variety of sources on instructional design concepts.

Be proficient in design, technology and project management.

Focus on the bigger picture or what can make the biggest impact on the greater whole.


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