Edtech 503: Learning Tasks

This week we were asked to start thinking about our end of course Instructional Design project. It is going to take a lot of work and so we are breaking it down into smaller sections. So the first thing we have to consider is what kind of lesson or unit we are going to be designing and then also start to come up with the learning tasks that each student will be required to do.

Here is my preliminary list:

My ID Project: After 3 hours of instruction, 9th grade students will be able to create a short Prezi that highlights the key information from their research paper on an individual that has made a positive impact. The students will include a background, text, pictures, and URL addresses for further information.

The learning goal falls under Gagne’s category of INTELLECTUAL SKILLS. In my project, student will not only recall but also “apply knowledge to instances not encountered during instruction” (Smith and Ragan, 2005, p. 80).

1. Information Processing Analysis- depicts all major steps involved in the learning task

2. Pre-Requisite Analysis on one of the identified major steps

Learning Objectives

-Students will be able to log into Prezi

-Students will learn how to move, scale and rotate information

-Students will be able to create a path on Prezi

-Students will be able to learn zooming techniques for speech communication

-Students will learn how to group information in a meaningful way

-Students will learn how to incorporate pictures, URL, etc into their Prezi

-Students will learn how to publish their Prezi

-Students will develop their communication skills

-Students will learn how to save their Prezi in a Mac or PC compatible file

-Students will learn how to manage their information (privacy settings) from Prezi online


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