Edtech 504: Theoretical Foundations of Educational Technology

This course explores classic and contemporary theories of learning and their relationship and applications in Educational Technology.

The Learning Objectives are:

  1. Compare and Contrast notions of past, present and future theories of educational technology
  2. Distinguish between the theoretical positions that underlie current approaches to educational technology
  3. Define and identify epistemological principles
  4. Identify major theoretical schools of thought
  5. Differentiate between epistemological beliefs and theoretical schools of thought
  6. Describe and account for the origins of major theories and their influence on educational technology
  7. Show how perceptions and approaches to educational technology have been influenced by prevailing educational theories
  8. Explain how systematic approaches to educational technology differ from traditional classroom-based approaches to teaching
  9. Contextualize emerging theories of learning within the framework of advancing technological innovations
  10. Apply educational technology theories to practical development contexts

This class should be interesting and give me a more broadened view of the theories put into practice in my classroom and give me some ideas of perhaps some different approaches to try.


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