Edtech 505: Website Assignment

This week we were asked to look at a few websites, not only to get some perspective on how evaluation is done on a much larger scale, but also to get an idea of what sorts of tools and reports are out there to assist us in our own evaluations.

I looked at the NCES website and the NAEP website. 

What’d you find that’s connected to EDTECH 505?

Recent Publications can be used to compare results of our own projects that we’re evaluating in class. There are studies done in every different subject area that you could use to design your own evaluation for the project. The nice thing about the studies is that they are sorted by date and can be recent, which is helpful for getting relevant information. The annual reports section is an amazing resource. It relates to this course because it discusses factors that affect projections in studies and for me, it made me consider some of the factors that will affect my own study for this class. The National Forum on Education Services is a website attached to the NCES and helps us to understand how to collect and report on educational statistics better. There’s a section on Funding Opportunities as well as information about conferences and training sessions that could help us figure out what sorts of recommendations we could make in our projects.

Find something useful?

I found an article that will be helpful with my evaluation: “Gathering Feedback for Teachers: Combining High-Quality Observations with Student Surveys and Achievement Gains”.

Also, I found some sample questions that I could use to determine understanding of literacy in the NAEP Questions Tool that are set as easy, medium and hard, just like state assessments.

Surprised at what’s there or what’s not at the site?

I was surprised that there was a Just for Kids section on an assessment website. In the website, the kids can build their own graphs, take quizzes to see how they rate with other kids around the world by subject and grade. They can also search for schools, colleges and libraries all across the United States. They can also play games that test their memories. It’s a very neat resource for teachers as an activity to give students when their assignments are complete.

Will you refer to this site again?

Definitely. I think that there are a ton of resources here that I could use not just with this course, but also with other courses that I am taking.

Other thoughts about using the site?

I was really impressed with the options of the site. I couldn’t believe that the NCES had open chats about certain studies. It’s interesting to read the conversations about what is happening in education in terms of national assessments.


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