Edtech 505: Week 6 Assignments

#2. Part A: Chapter 10. What did you take away from or learn from Chapter 10?


After reading chapter ten, there were a lot of ideas that stuck out in my head. First and foremost, I thought it was a good idea to look at grant offerings with the state in order to get ideas about who to market yourself to as an evaluator. I would have never thought about that. I guess I just assumed that evaluators would look in the newspaper and search engines like anyone else. I would have never thought that they would be so proactive and well, stealthy about it. It is a competitive market, but I wouldn’t have thought that evaluation would be included in that.

Second, I had a hard time when it came down to knowing what your time is worth. The book did a nice job of explaining how to figure out what to charge for your services, but I still wouldn’t be too comfortable in the beginning. I think that as a novice, it would be difficult to come up with a reasonable price, considering the lack of experience. As time moved on, I’m sure you could judge for yourself how much your time is worth. I think that if I was going to evaluate as a source of income, I would speak to others in the field to find out their rates.

Third, I enjoyed how they explained the contract and ideas for keeping the business long term. When explaining the contract, they made the point that the whole idea is just to basically deliver what you promise. Isn’t that what we all wish for? There are so many places in life where this is not true. It made me really think about the type of person that takes on an evaluation position. I would think that you would have to have a bit of integrity in order to truly do your job well. Last, I really liked the idea about keeping the business long term. I had never thought about an evaluation lasting longer than a year and it seems to me that running the same evaluation year after year would be monotonous and maybe not provide any new or altering information. I had never thought about designing different stages for the longevity of the program evaluation in order to hinder a company from shopping elsewhere after the first year.

Overall, chapter ten was a great example of how to market yourself and your talent in a market that is competitive. It did well to explain every stage of a possible proposal to maintaining the client for years after. I had never thought much about evaluation as a profession, but I think that it is really a worthwhile job if you have the integrity and ability to be unbiased.


#1. C. Write 50 words for each of the required sections of Evaluation Report. You can describe how each section relates to your project, what they contain or any problems you are having with it.



In the summary, I will include a paragraph of the Reading Buddies program. It will contain a short description of the program, along with a short description of the Academic Service Learning initiative that sparked the project. It will also include three main goals of the program. I will follow that up with a statement about the purpose of the evaluation, or what it is meant to accomplish. Then I will give 2-3 sentences that explain what the evaluation found. (This part I am a little concerned about, as I don’t know how in-depth it is meant to be. Meaning, do I use the statistics here, or am I looking to write generalized sentences that explain what the evaluate found in reference to the goals of the program?)


Description of Program

In this section, I will explain the Reading Buddies program more in depth along with Academic Service Learning. I will talk about things such as the length of the program, who was involved and how the program works. I will include the objectives of the program and how they came to be. Then I will describe how the program works, in fine detail.


Evaluation Method

In this section, I will discuss who was involved in the process (i.e. middle schoolers, teachers, administrators, etc.). I would also explain why certain evaluation processes were chosen (i.e. reflection logs, surveys, tests, etc). Then I will go into discussion of the procedures of the evaluation tools, or how each tool was used. Then I will discuss the data sources that resulted from using the tools.



In this section, I will take all of the data sources and put them in to tables to enhance comprehension of the results. I was thinking about adding a few graphs as well to show differences in scores from the beginning to the end of the program. Here, I would also describe the qualitative results. Here, I will just have to remember not to analyze the results or any comments about the results.



In this section, I will restate the purpose of the evaluation and then summarize the results of the study. Then, I will go on to talk about each data source and what the data means in relation to the overall objectives and goals of the program. Here is also the place to make recommendations if the results were negative.


Project Cost

In this section, I will discuss a breakdown of all costs associated with the evaluation program. I will also include a description of all the budgetary components. The breakdown will be formatted to look like an invoice, as if it were being given to the appropriate audience for payment. This budget will include a daily rate for services, expenses, etc.



In this section, I will be putting in copies of the tests that were given to the students, a sample reflection log (used by teachers and students), and  sample surveys that were given to teachers and students. I was wondering if I needed to include an actual completed reflection log by a student, or if I should just show an example of what they were suppose to write about. ***Please advise.***


Overall, I found this assignment extremely helpful in setting out a plan for exactly what needs to go in every section and discover possible issues that may arise out of it.


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