Edtech 543: Social Network Learning

The class explores collaborative and emergent pedagogies, tools, and theory related to the use of social networks in learning environments.

The Learning Objectives are:

  1. Use a Personal Learning Network and explain its value in educational settings
  2. Understand the value of web-based social networks within educational settings
  3. Identify learning theories and research-based practices that support current approaches to effective use of social network technologies for learning
  4. Analyze strengths and weaknesses of various social network technologies for a variety of learning goals
  5. Contribute to social learning networks using a variety of media and communication mechanisms
  6. Identify factors with successful social networks and create a social learning network address these factors

I am excited for this course as I currently use Google Sites for my own classroom website and look forward to learning about new ways to incorporate and use social networks in my classroom and professional development.


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