Edtech 543: Digital Footprints

footThis week I was asked to consider my Digital Footprint on the Web. Not unlike most students just starting out, I decided to Google myself. After only one or two “real” hits to my name, I added in my maiden name as well. The results were not shocking, nor were they impressive. As I continued to use different search engines like Yahoo and Bing, I began to see more results but many that were similar to what I had already seen. The only professional hits I got were for my Educational Blog that I created for one of my Edtech classes, the Edtech Facebook group that I am apart of, my Linked In profile and a few other professional social networks that I honestly can’t remember signing up for.

There were also hits for my Pinterest board and my affiliation with others on Facebook (i.e. Alyssa Rose is friends with so-and-so), but nothing showed up that I would be embarrassed to sit down and show my boss. If anything, I was more concerned about the lack of hits when searching my name, from a professional standpoint. That’s when I really started to consider what I wanted my Digital Footprint to say about me. As I considered online blogs, articles, podcasts and presentations about the topic, I realized that in order to shape my Digital Footprint, I would need to make some serious changes to my online accounts.

Here is my slideshow that captures the strategies that I think will be the most useful in creating my Digital Footprint online. Some of these changes will be easier than others, but as I saw in many articles about individuals who’ve been caught in sticky situations, the changes are worth the effort and time.

Strategies for a Positive Professional Digital Footprint


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