Edtech 543: My Personal Learning Environment (PLE) Diagram


As I began thinking about my personal learning environment, I played around with different ideas and models. The brainstorm cloud from bubbl.us really broke it down into understandable parts and even though it’s not cyclical, I think it still shows the main idea of everything being connected in some way and the variety of ways that these resources can be used.

I also found that the use of these resources makes my life a lot easier, even though it may seem congested at times. These resources fit into different aspects of my life the personal, professional and educational sections and can be used accordingly. I love how I can have a Pinterest account that combines my love of crafts with my love of teaching; so that while I’m searching for my next big creative project, I can also look for ways to make my classroom and teaching better.

As I looked over my fellow classmates’ PLEs, it also became very clear that even though our networks are somewhat different, they maintain the same unity of connectedness and correlation among resources. I found it interesting to see the resources that others used and gave me some great ideas for new connections and ways in which to combine my resources.


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