Edtech 551: Technical and Grant Writing

This course is meant to help student critically analyze and improve their writing styles to align with online writing standards. The course will also use the technical writing skills as a foundation for learning about writing grants.

The Course Objectives are:

  1. Demonstrate an appreciation for and ability to recognize and produce good writing and design; recognizing technical writing as a craft
  2. Develop a fundamental technology-related project and secure needed data and background information, design a proposal to help fund the project including identifying appropriate technologies for learning situations, identifying needs, writing goals, objectives, using a planning process to develop and implement the project, preparing and justifying a budget to support the project and developing formative and summative evaluation strategies
  3. Demonstrate skills and knowledge required to prepare printed online documents, including the key steps in the process; identifying audience needs, planning, developing, organizing, drafting, revising, and graphically enhancing online documentation
  4. Apply skills of revision, editing, proofreading and verifying information to the process of developing printed and online documents
  5. Recognize and apply the principles that differentiate writing for documentation from writing for print
  6. Recognize and apply the principles of global communication, including nonsexist language, unbiased language, and a multicultural perspective; adhering to all copyright and fair use guidelines

I am excited about this course because I am hoping to use the technical writing skills I acquire to find more grant opportunities and acquire the ability to pursue them.


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