Edtech 597: Blogging in the Classroom

This course focuses on the use of Blogs in education, including the creation of, maintenance of blogs and using RSS readers and microblogging. The course will examine the purpose and nature of blogs and the different types of blogs such as personal, professional, and blogs designed as a classroom activity as well as the various types of blog entries.

The Course Objectives are:

  1. Create a blog, post entries, add pages, embed media into entries and pages, leave comments and send trackbacks
  2. Create podcasts and vodcasts
  3. Open an RSS reader, add RSS feeds and monitor blogs
  4. Create and regularly use a microblogging account
  5. Create and analyze various types of blog entries
  6. Explore the structure of individual and classroom blogging
  7. Examine the purpose of different types of blogs
  8. Design a classroom blogging activity
  9. Develop a personal blogging experience
  10. Evaluate different blogging tools for personal and classroom use

I am excited about this course because there are many great uses for blogging in the English/ Literature classroom and am ready to begin thinking of new ways to use blogging for discussion and exploration.



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