Edtech 597: Audio / Video / Polling

This week we worked on creating Audio, Video and Polling posts on our blogs. For the audio, I found a podcast from an educator in Nebraska on Audioboo that discussed different ways to teach writing with her students. I downloaded the podcast and then used the Add Media link in WordPress to add it in. It was quick, easy and I got a lot of positive responses from it.

Here is my Audio Post.

For the Video post, we needed to post a video on our blog. I used Youtube  due to its user-friendly tools. It was as easy as finding a video, hitting the embed button, copying the code and then pasting it into my WordPress post and hitting submit.

Here is my Video Post.

The last part of the assignment included creating a Polling post, where we used a specific tool of our choosing to create a poll and then insert it into a post. I used Polldaddy.com as it is currently a tool that is within WordPress. You click on the Add Poll button on the post and then create your poll within Polldaddy.com and then insert into the post. It was easy and fun!

Here is my Polling Post.


2.2 Audiovisual Technologies


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