Edtech 597: Intro Blog / About Me / Blogroll

Our first couple of assignments included: creating a blog, creating an intro page with a disclosure page and then create a Blogroll.

When I first thought about creating a blog, I couldn’t figure out what topic or subject area I wanted to touch on. At the time, I was teaching at Spring Hill High School and the biggest concern that I dealt with everyday was the fact that a lot of the seasoned teachers were unwilling to test out new technology or even IDEAS in their classrooms. They went with their motto “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, when in reality they clearly needed to try something different.

So that is where my inspiration came from. I would create a blog that had ideas and user-friendly and FREE technologies that teachers could use in their classrooms on a day-to-day basis that would definitely improve their classrooms. Added in, of course, some articles that showcased the future of technology in education with some added insight from some colleagues that had tried said “technologies” and lived to tell the tale.

I decided to use WordPress, due to its user-friendly tools and helpful step-by-step guides to effectively create all of the portions of the actual Blog. The Blogroll portion was fun because it was all about searching for other blogs that I thought showcased exactly what my site was primarily about: Education and Technology.

Here is my homepage that contains my blogroll, my Blogger Disclosure page and my about me section on my Blog and my first initial entry.


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