Edtech 502: Final Reflection

During this course, I learned about good designs with effective web design primarily with: text, navigation, links, graphics and general design principles. I was most nervous about this course because I have never used HTML or CSS style sheets to create and design web pages. However, Dreamweaver was very easy to use and I soon became very familiar and comfortable with designing templates for websites. I learned about the different elements of webpages: Div, head, meta, body, headers, lists, underlined list, attaching images, attaching files and separating paragraphs.

I was really proud of the projects I created in this course, because this was by far the hardest course I have taken so far. My favorite project of the course was the Virtual Field Trip that I created for my Romeo and Juliet Unit. The Virtual Tour combined maps embedded from Google Maps, documentaries about Black Friars, the Globe Theater and walking tours of Shakespeare’s hometown embedded from Youtube. There were several pages created for this virtual field trip and one CSS style sheet created using a free style sheet from the web.

Now that the course has ended, I feel that I am more confident with HTML and using Dreamweaver and Fireworks to design webpages that I can use for my classroom. Also, I learned about WebQuests, virtual field trips, M-Learning activities and concept maps and how they can be used effectively to engage students and peak student interest.


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