Edtech 503: Final Reflection

During this course, I learned about effective instructional design.  I learned about the importance of analyzing the learning context, the learner and the learning task. The entire process of instructional design is based on answering the questions: where are we going, how will we get there and how will we know when we’ve arrived? For my ID project, I decided to design a 3 hour lesson for 9th grade students on how to create a simple Prezi presentation.

Besides identifying the characteristics of my students, I had to analyze the environment in which the lesson would take place, and the actual task itself. What prior knowledge did students have to have in order to effectively proceed with the task? How would I know if they had met the objectives and goals of the lesson? Throughout the project, I focused on the three phases of the process: analysis, strategy and evaluation.

After having completed the final portions of the ID project, I have learned that instructional design is not something you can do in one day, it is a continuous process. From now on, I take more time and care when planning my lessons and have decided that during the summer vacation, I will look to reevaluate my units of study to see where I can effectively make changes to better student engagement and success.


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