Edtech 505: Final Reflection

505 Edtech Evaluation Reflection


                This class really opened my eyes to Evaluation as a career. It also made me realize, much to my dismay, how often I need to evaluate my own lesson plans and units, in order to make sure that my students are provided with the most effective instructional strategies. As we began the process of evaluation, we were asked to choose a program, either educational or personal (i.e. workout plan). We, then had to break the evaluation down into many parts: summary, description of the program, evaluation method, results, discussion, recommendations, project cost, and finally the appendices that capture all of the tools used through the evaluation.

           I struggled with identifying the goals/objectives of the actual evaluation. It was difficult to narrow them down to measurable and specific items. When I started this course, I was overwhelmed by the amount of work that went into an evaluation of a program. The time and commitment involved in the process is astounding. I enjoyed making the recommendations at the end of the evaluation because I really felt as though that was my way of contributing to the betterment of the program itself. It was also a great way to really think “outside the box” for creative solutions and ideas.

         I also learned that it takes a very organized person to evaluate programs, as there are many pieces of data to collect and log and analyze.  I used Excel spreadsheets and binders to hold my information, but had my evaluation been on a larger scale, further organizational tools would have been a necessity. This truly was one of the hardest classes that I have taken in my Edtech curriculum so far based on the time frame and the length of the project. But it has made me realize the level of detail and analytical reasoning needed to evaluate as a career and also how it can be applied to my everyday life as a teacher on a smaller scale. It has given me many ideas for smaller scale evaluations at the end of the year and mid-year to continue to plan and revise units and curriculum.


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