Edtech 552: Final Reflection

This course was extremely challenging for me because I am not a technical guru by any means. After completion of this course, I do feel that I am more than a novice and feel more comfortable with the terminology and features of tech coordination. On of the most challenging and rewarding projects that I created was my Apache Server Project.

In the Apache Server Project, I was able to design my own website, and then using my computer as a server hosted the website onto that server. I downloaded and installed an Apache server and used no-IP to set up dynamic DNS, to allow the server to be found. This project was incredibly challenging as I ran in to multiple issues along the way, but the interesting part was the troubleshooting that I did as it helped me gain confidence in my technical skills.

The most challenging sections of the course also involved the subnetting math sections, mostly because I have never been exceptionally good at math, but the Youtube tutorials and the examples in the book were extremely helpful and in the end, I felt as though this was not as overwhelming as I had originally imagined. Overall, I learned a lot from this course and am excited to use what I have learned in order to help coordinate the technology for a school or business and provide feasible and cost efficient alternatives for setting up and maintaining networks and servers.


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