Edtech 554: Final Reflection

So far, this class has taught me about the type of technology leader I would like to become. I know that as a leader there are many questions that need to be asked, not just of myself, but of the group I am leading. The questions we ask are used to guide our goals, plans and collaborations. A technology leader needs to be a facilitator, a mentor, an advice giver, a listener, and a foundation. I have been able to review a technology plan and understand the components.

I think one of my favorite portions of this class has been the collaboration through the software rubric project. It is interesting to see how three people, very far away, can come together through the use of technology to create a working document that will help to identify technology that should be kept and technology that should be discarded or updated. I truly enjoyed last week’s assignment to go through the plethora of available resources. That has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my journey in the program as whole; bookmarking and journaling all of the various tools that there are online for teachers and connecting them with curriculum and ways in which to engage learners and teachers.


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