Edtech 597: Final Reflection

I have learned a lot through this class. I have learned how to effectively create, update and maintain a blog. I enjoyed using WordPress because of its user friendliness but would also enjoy seeking out different sites that could be used as well. For the classroom blogs, I have found that Edmodo is a favorite of mine due to its simplicity and flexibility in the way of use on portable devices outside of the classroom. I think that the hardest part of this class was actually coming up with an idea for a Blog. There are so many different topics that you could choose and sometimes I feel like creativity all but runs dry by the end of the work day.

My favorite lessons included those where we learned how to incorporate videos, polls and audio into our blogs, mostly because I think that these interactive elements really bring life to a blog besides the commentary and guest posts. I really enjoyed looking over other classmates’ blogs and getting ideas for new posts and really using the feedback that I received to do different things on my own blog. I also found that a lot of the tools and ideas that I received and used in this course, I used to update my classroom blog that I had prior to leaving Spring Hill High School. In the future, this background will help to guide direction when trying to set up a classroom blog and maintaining it.

I truly enjoyed this class as it pushed me creatively and helped me to explore the variations of blogs and choose a direction and set a purpose for a classroom blogging experience for future classroom use!


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